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    The expert analysis is an essential piece both in terms of insurance and litigation, as it allows companies to obtain an objective opinion on the economic value of their assets or rights from independent consultants.

    In the case of insurance, in the event of an accident, it is important that companies can have a trained expert with technical knowledge that allows them to economically assess the damages suffered. These experts must, impartially and objectively, analyze and conclude what compensation the company must pay to the insured.


    1. Collection of previous information and background of the case. Our consultants prepare a report incorporating a succinct account of all the facts that are part of the history of the incident or litigation, presenting an overview of those facts that are relevant to the analysis.

    2. Survey of relevant financial / economic information. The economic, accounting and financial information related to the insured assets, damages caused or the compensation sought is identified, determining the specific characteristics of the assets subject to valuation and how these could affect the results of the analysis.

    3. Estimation of amounts, values ​​and damages. Based on the information collected and taking into consideration all those factors that could intervene in the determination of the price, the most appropriate economic methodology is applied to the particular case, to obtain the most reasonable economic estimate of the good, damage or right subject to recovery.

    4. Preparation of expert information ”] The information collected and the analyzes are consolidated in an Expert Report, recording the relevant findings, as well as the applicable conclusions.

    5. Defense and testimony of expertise in trials and presentations β€œ] Based on the report that gathers the expert’s conclusions, our consultants could, at the client’s request, present the results of their findings, making a brief presentation on the basis of the report. before the appropriate authorities.