Review of internal processes (accounting, operational and financial)
Risk assessment (financial, fraud)


In today’s economic environment, speed is a transcendental factor in decision-making, so companies need to identify and correct efficiently those difficulties that arise from their own business. Under these circumstances, Due Diligence and timely professional advice are essential tools to assess these challenges, identify contingencies, and improve the quality of the decisions to be taken, with a view to achieving optimal results.

Tvalora offers Due Diligence services to help our clients obtain the desired results, with a professional approach that will allow them to face the challenges that arise from a planning, execution or integration perspective. Our focus on the Due Diligence process is oriented towards a detailed and systematic analysis of the company’s data with the objective of obtaining an overview of the company in relation to the process under analysis. In particular, we emphasize the identification and evaluation of both risks and opportunities when analyzing flows, assets, liabilities, financial position and results of the company.

1. Initial survey of information. Our consultants prepare a detailed report of the company, revealing the data of the operation or process that are most relevant for the purpose of its subsequent examination.

2. Preparation of relevant information. The revealed results are analyzed in detail, identifying risks involved, relevant accounting information, adequacy of systems and controls, as well as those economic functions that are applicable depending on the objectives with the client.

3. Analysis of financial, operational and accounting information. Based on the results obtained, we proceed to collect the financial, operational and accounting information that support the process, to identify those susceptible to failures or opportunities for improvement.

4. Determination of the best method according to the sector. Our consultants apply the economic methodology that corresponds to the specific case, selecting the necessary adjustments that are appropriate for the company and transaction.

5. Analysis. We focus our study on the critical factors that affect the company’s goals, results, flows and other operational processes, while considering possible sustainable and recurring solutions over time.

6. Preparation and delivery of the study. The information collected and the corresponding analyzes are consolidated in a Due Diligence report. This report describes the findings and results obtained in the review process carried out, as well as the corresponding conclusions and recommendations, which are adapted to the client’s needs.